Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maryland's Gilchrest Faces Primary Today

Residents in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia will cast their ballot in the presidential primary today. Voters in Maryland's 1st District will also have the opportunity to vote for Congressman Wayne Gilchrest in his Congressional primary.

Senator McCain is expected to sweep all three locations, athought Governor Mike Huckabee has steadily been gaining in Virginia. The more interesting of the races will be on the Democratic side. Senator Barack Obama has a strong lead in the 3 locations; Senator Clinton has downplayed the races and lowered expectations of how well she will do today.

Congressman Gilchrest faces two far-right primary challengers. Gilchrest has been a strong common sense conservative for his district and has been an adamant supporter of environmental conservation, perhaps the most important issue for residents of his District. Unlike what most elected officials face in the rest of the nation, Congressman Gilchrest has been criticized for not being conservative enough. He has separated from the conservative wing of the GOP on some issues, such as the Iraq War, yet has received the endorsement of President Bush and other notable Republicans.

Gilchrest's opponents do not have the knowledge of the District nor the experience and background that Congressman Gilchrest does. Please continue to check back on updates on this election and the results of the presidential primaries today.

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