Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today is Super Tuesday!

Twenty-one states will hold GOP Presidential contests today. With over 1,000 delegates at stake, we may see a nominee by the night's end.

California is being reported as one of the states to watch closely--John McCain and Mitt Romney are running neck and neck in polls there. California is expecting an unprecedented turnout today. Last week Senator McCain scored the endorsement of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger-- a factor that may prove to benefit him today. What is even more interesting about the California primary is that voters will be using paper ballots. It may not be until late into the night or early tomorrow that we have an official result. Polls close at 8pm local time in the state. 173 delegates in total are up for grabs in California alone.

Stay tuned to this blog throughout today and tonight for up-to-the-minute news from around the country. The presidential spotlight page of our site has current polls, primary processes and more. Please check it out!

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