Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daily News Round Up for May 14, 2009

Real Clear Politics ( USA )

Leaders of the GOP's 2010 election efforts are showing they don't think ideological purity is the answer, and are embracing more moderate candidates.

Politico ( Washington , DC )

Republicans know they can't stop Henry Waxman's ambitious climate change

bill from clearing the Energy and Commerce Committee, but they're promising to make the ride as bumpy as possible.

USA Today ( USA )

President Obama is considering a list of more than six contenders for the Supreme Court that is dominated by women and Hispanics, one that includes judges and leaders from own his administration who have never donned a judicial robe.

Savannah Now ( Savannah , GA )

Four of the six Republicans who want to be governor apparently favor disbanding the federal government if it imposes new firearms restrictions.

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