Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why the Club for Growth Hurts the GOP

If there ever was a time or moment for common sense conservative Republicans like us, Republicans who want to win and want our real Republican Party to survive, to speak up and reveal the truth about the Club for Growth - it’s now.

Why? Because DailyKos, the infamous liberal netroots blog, has posted a cheeky note to CfG on Gov. Charlie Crist’s Senate run (which currently gives Dems little chance of winning this seat). This post shows that if there’s one thing the Dems love, it’s having the far-right do their work for them- and that the Club for Growth is one of their favorite tools.

RRM has to ask, so, who are better Republicans? Republicans who don't adhere to an extreme GOP Platform, one that most Americans don’t agree with, but work hard for their Party and fight off Democrats from gaining more seats; or the Republicans who work hard for their own personal gain and help Democrats win.
To us, the answer is clear.

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