Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daily News Round-Up for May 6, 2009

Real Clear Politics ( USA )

Quinnipiac released a poll yesterday showing Tom Ridge running just a few points behind Arlen Specter in a hypothetical match-up. Importantly, the results also showed Specter below 50%. Today, Chris Cillizza reports that Ridge is interested in running.

Washington Times ( Washington , DC )

Capitulating to critics on the Republican National Committee, embattled Republican Party Chairman Michael S. Steele has signed a secret pact agreeing to controls and restraints on how he spends hundreds of millions of dollars in party funds and contracts.

PA 2010 ( Harrisburg , PA )

A small number of Pennsylvania conservatives are quietly floating an unexpected alternative to Pat Toomey for the GOP Senate primary next year: longtime Republican operative Joe Watkins.

Washington Post ( Washington , DC )

Less than 24 hours after Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's national profile received a nice -- and unexpected -- boost from the man who managed President Obama's 2008 campaign, comes words that John Weaver is providing strategic guidance to the governor who is becoming a frontrunner for the 2012 GOP Presidential candidate rumors.

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