Friday, May 8, 2009

Moderates are needed to win

Former Vice President Dick Cheney took to the airwaves yesterday and spoke to talk show host Scott Hennen. Some people are seizing on Cheney’s statement that he does not believe the Party should moderate. However, Cheney was speaking about fiscal conservatism as the core tenet of the GOP and how this must be what Republicans rally around- and how the GOP cannot become the Party of big spending. Cheney also spoke about finding real Republicans who can win across America. RRM knows that this includes moderates who can win in centrist districts, and moderates who support common sense social initiatives- which includes them being pro-choice and pro-environment. We hope that what is really meant by the former VP is that these values are the one the Party must embrace, and that the real Republican tenets are what will win us elections. RRM will be working to ensure that this message continues to be heard loud and clear, and hopes that the moderate base of the GOP continues to keep speaking out: on the blogosphere, in the news, and by contacting the GOP yourselves and telling them that real Republican candidates need to be supported- and divisive and distracting litmus tests must not be used any longer to decide who merits the Republican name.

Read Cheney’s interview here.

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