Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily News Round-Up for May 19,2009

Gallup (USA)The decline in Republican Party affiliation among Americans in recent years is well documented, but a Gallup analysis now shows that this movement away from the GOP has occurred among nearly every major demographic subgroup.
Politico (Washington, DC)The GOP needs to turn a corner, writes Michael Steele, RNC Chairman. To accomplish this goal Republicans are turning a corner in three important ways.
CNN Political Ticker (USA)Meghan McCain again took aim at some leaders of her party Monday night, declaring the GOP is currently being hijacked by those trying "to make it more extreme."
Huffington Post (USA)Another leading Republican strategist has voiced concerns about the direction of the GOP. John Weaver, a top adviser to Utah Governor John Huntsman, said this week that the Republican Party is headed for an electoral "blowout" if it continues to be defined by "Palin and Limbaugh and Cheney."
Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)The battle over six state budget propositions on today's ballot sputtered to a close Monday with a burst of low-profile campaigning that belied the gravity of California's fiscal crisis.
Washington Times (Washington, DC)When Michael S. Steele took over as chairman of the Republican National Committee earlier this year, he brought along longtime personal assistant Belinda Cook and gave her a salary nearly three times what her predecessor made.

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Dennis Sanders said...

I hope this comment can get to the powers that be.

I will be blogging about this later, but I was reading an article about the GOP on the Economist. One of their suggestions on rebuilding the party was that centrists in the GOP need a think tank like the Democratic Leadership Council. Here is what they say:

"The first lesson from the Democrats is to create a “vital centre”—one that is a source of ideas rather than split-the-difference compromises. The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) has been challenging old-fashioned liberalism since 1985. DLC-affiliated politicians have been designing centrist ideas in conservative America for almost as long: Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama’s health secretary, Janet Napolitano, the head of his Department of Homeland Security, and Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state, cut their political teeth in Kansas, Arizona and Arkansas respectively. At the same time, Mr Obama has made a huge fuss about embracing anybody and everybody."

I think that we need to not only call on the GOP to become more inclusive, but we also need institutions to help foster a centrist movement in the party. I think groups like Republican Majority for Choice, Republican Leadership Council and Republican Mainstreet Partnership need to create some kind of center-right think tank that generate ideas for Centrist Republicans. That is the only way we can make the part more inclusive and vibrant.

This is the link to the article: http://www.economist.com/research/articlesBySubject/displaystory.cfm?subjectid=3856663&story_id=13649168

Dennis Sanders