Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meghan McCain on the Colbert Report

Meghan McCain was featured on the Colbert Report last night, where the young blogger and outspoken Republican talked to Colbert about being a moderate Republican. McCain, who has stated she is “pro-sex and pro-life”, seems to understand that being personally pro-life doesn’t mean forcing her views on others, and has recently advocated comprehensive sex education in her blog at the Daily Beast. Meghan told Colbert that she worried about the path the GOP seemed to be going down, saying that the Party was being taken over by those who “want to make it more extreme”.

Ms McCain seems to “get” what many Republican leaders seem to be ignoring, that for young people to be attracted to the GOP, we must remember that we are the Party of limited government intrusion- and that should extend to people’s personal lives. As a young Republican and someone who watched her father’s campaign for President fall, one would think Meghan would be welcomed with open arms. However, the far-right continues to take shots at Meghan rather than understand her thinking is more in line with the vast majority of younger voters than the current GOP Platform is.

Combining Meghan’s remarks with yesterday’s Gallup polling and it’s clear that common sense conservatives like us are the is the key to the GOP turning around and winning again.

Watch Meghan’s interview with Stephen below:

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1 comment:

gtliteracer said...

Meghan McCain's quasi-clever wordplay may stir generation whatever-they-are-calling-themselves but I sure wish there was a bit less 'hollywood' in her performance and a lot more logic.
It's certainly nice to see a self-described "republican" calling out the party in general and I compliment her new stand on comprehensive sex education but lets face it, those reading her blog have already graduated while those who are enduring abstinence only classes are the sad statistics we are reading about every day.