Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RMC Op-Ed is running on the Huffington Post!

A powerful RMC Op-Ed is running in the Huffington Post today. This article addresses the need for the Party to get back on track with an agenda focused on our core tenets of limited government intrusion. In this piece, RMC’s co-chairs explain that the tactics of exclusion are strangling the GOP, and that the common sense social moderate base is vital to the survival of the Party.

Moderate Republicans have to keep this message front and center. We strongly encourage our readers to comment on this story, which will help keep the story on a featured page and talked about, while allowing others outside RMC and RRM to see that the common sense majority of the Party is standing strong.

Please, click here, read the story and leave a comment to help spread the moderate message. Bloggers, Facebookers, and members who want to help spread our message in other ways, feel free to post the link to the story, or forward this email onto your friends and family.

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